Let’s shake things up a bit

March 30, 2019

We all can use an extra shot of motivation at times with our exercise routines. If it weren’t for teaching classes, it would often take more than a swift kick in the backside some days to get me moving. Some days? Who am I kidding — most days are more like it. When we reach that point, it’s time to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and mix things up a bit. But how? Try some of these suggestions to maintain your fitness momentum.

If you are a gym or studio member, try a group exercise class. Whether your interests are cardio, flexibility or strength training, most gyms offer a number of classes to fit your style. Group classes are an excellent place to meet people with similar fitness goals and needs.

You will get to know others who will help you push through the tough times when your hamstrings are screaming and find friends to laugh with when your body just isn’t doing what everyone else’s is. For me, that’s Zumba. I have rhythm, but I tend to move to my own drum whose beat is often somewhat off.

Another sure-fire option for change is hiring a personal trainer. A personal trainer, which often does not require a gym membership, will develop programs designed specifically to help you achieve your personal goals. Not only will they be one of your biggest supporters, you can be assured your trainer will make your programs anything but mundane and, as long as you put in what is expected, you will get results. Be careful, though. When you hear your trainer say, “This next exercise will be fun,” or “In theory…,” you may want to run and hide.

Changes in your routine could be as simple as changing your route. Whether you prefer biking, running or walking, a change in scenery and topography can make a world of difference as your muscles and mind will work harder in response to the changing terrain.

Create an exercise challenge for yourself or with friends. A quick online search for fitness challenges is a good start. You will find plenty for push-ups, pull-ups, 5Ks, lunges and more. A couple years back I mentioned a challenge in a column and it now seems to be a good time to bring it back.

The following challenge will be posted on my Performance Pilates Facebook page and you are the coaches. If Facebook is not your thing, send an email with your exercise choice. For example, if your choice is push-ups, just email the word “push-up” either in the subject line or text. At the end of this week, I will tally your likes, comments and messages and get to work and will then report my results the following week.


For every “Like” you submit, I will do 10 Jumping Jacks.

For every comment, I will do 15 Push-ups.

For every personal message, I will do 25 Squats.

Upon completion, I will add 200 Roll-ups.

(Roll-ups make sit-ups and crunches look like child’s play)

I can see some of you are getting a crazy idea and thinking about joining me in this feat, so go for it and share with your followers to create your workout.

It’s time to put me to work and shake things up and please don’t be shy - I can take it. By the time I have my workout complete, my muscles will be shaking more than anything. So thank you…I think.

Sherrie Hebert is a certified personal trainer and Pilates mat and equipment instructor at her studio, Performance Pilates, and Gold’s Gym. You may contact her at 208-317-5685 or sherriehebert@gmail.com and visit her Facebook page, Performance Pilates.