Nuclear Power Unaffordable, Dangerous

March 1, 2019

Editor: I am writing in opposition to a bailout of the nuclear industry in Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation. It’s interesting how our legislators point out that we are a “market economy” and the government should not be “picking winners and losers” when it is convenient. However, it’s a different story when a “sacred cow” is at stake. Not only is nuclear unaffordable, it’s extremely dangerous. In Pennsylvania we had Three Mile Island. Russia had Chernobyl. The latest, Fukushima, in Japan, has not been resolved and radiation is still entering the Pacific Ocean. Do we need any more evidence of the danger? I live about 40 miles from the Salem Twp. nuclear facility. The waste generated will be emitting radiation for generations to come. Does anyone remember the boasting of the nuclear proponents who stated that electricity would be “too cheap to meter?” Now, they need a bailout. The cynical addition of nuclear to the Alternative Energy Portfolio will further impede progress toward the goal the act intended, a clean energy future. I do not understand why our public utilities are not moving in this direction. They have the means. Solar and wind are quickly becoming the cheapest means of energy production and they are among the safest for workers and the environment. Jay Sweeney FALLS TWP.