Group Fighting To End Opioid Epidemic

May 3, 2019

Editor: We are members of a citizens committee comprised of parents who have lost their children to the opioid epidemic. We have been working with Luzerne County Council, Wilkes-Barre Council and Hazleton Council on solutions to saving lives of Luzerne County citizens from this deadly new synthetic drug called fentanyl. We recently met with U.S. Attorney Dave Freed in Scranton and he is trying to get additional federal drug agents for Luzerne County. He asked our committee for a letter he could show his superior Attorney General William Barr in Washington. Luzerne County Council, Wilkes-Barre Council,and Hazleton Council members all wrote a letter. U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey is with us and has asked the Justice Department to help Luzerne County with the Federal Drug Task Force. Our committee also met with candidates who are on the May ballot and we briefed them on the opioid epidemic. Beth Gilbert, Tony Brooks and Mike Belusko are Wilkes-Barre Council members and up for re-election. Their help to our parents must be acknowledged. George Brown, a candidate for Wilkes-Barre mayor, met with two of our parents who lost a son and a daughter and has promised to use his office should he be elected to help stop the opioid epidemic. Our committee of parents have lost their children but we will not stand by as more parents lose their children as this opioid epidemic grows ever stronger in Luzerne County. Thank you to everyone who have given us their time and commitment to join with us to save lives. Call 570-239-6244 for more information. Pam Dougherty, Pam Elliott, Greg Griffin Citizens Opioid Committee of Luzerne County WILKES-BARRE