Orchids and Onions: Friday, November 23, 2018

November 23, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the Onion on the lack of decent women in LHC...While you say you’re good looking, you aren’t looking too good in my book....courting a married woman? No class! Sin City awaits you.

Onions to the onion about the medians. News Flash, change your route. Stop at Humberto’s for a burrito, drive to the island and enjoy your food then you can stop at Walgreens for Tums. Problem solved.

Onions to yet another photo of an accused murderer. If the perpetrator is behind bars, we do not need to see his photo for 4 years, or even the day after jailing. This request applies to all murderers, nationwide! Stop this vile publicity.

Onions to the home on Nugget Drive that have their outside lights on day and night. They are so bright that it looks like a football stadium. First onion I ever wrote.

Onions to the panhandler at the main driveway of the Mall. She was begging for money. We watched her collecting money while her partner was parked in his van with a dog. He pulled up, got money from her. We followed him to McDonalds where he got lunch. Their van was nicer than my car. Stop giving money out, fools.

Orchids to all that decorating on Main Street this year. Let’s light this street up even if your non-retail you’re on Main Street. Please and thank you.

Onions to the idea of lockers at the beaches here in LHC. Lockers are great for hiding drugs, that’s why they took them out at some high schools. Look after your own belongings. In this day and age, nothing is safe. Use common sense, don’t leave valuables unattended (anywhere)!

Orchids to Dr. McGuire and staff for their kindness/care of our dog Foxy. We loved all the years we had with her. She was awesome and will be missed so very much. Our sincere thanks for everything. From the home of Mike and Gerri, her mate Rusty and feline friends, Styx and Maybelline

Onions to sunscreen dispensers at the beaches. It is too hot here (even in shade) to have these dispensers. Also, not all sunscreens are equal for everyone. And besides why does LHC have to buy your supplies. Get real!

Orchids to Don’s Auto Body for taking care of me when I tore off the bumper on my Toyota Prius. They found an alternate fix and saved me thousands of dollars. Very professional and courteous service people.

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