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COMMENTARY Tariffs imperil LNG flow

Staff WriterMay 23, 2019

All dressed up with no place to go. We’ve all been in that position before, and it’s frustrating. You’re ready to get going, but you’re stuck on hold.

Imagine if you’re the manager of a liquefied natural gas terminal in Southeast Texas or Southwest Louisiana. These facilities are designed to export LNG. (Actually, most were originally designed to import the gas before the fracking boom in the United States started producing vast quantities of it, but that’s another story.)

These huge facilities, either nearing completion or operating now, need customers all over the world for their product, and their gas will end up in many countries. But China, with its booming economy, is the world’s fastest-growing LNG importer. The United States, for reasons stated above, is the world’s fastest-growing LNG exporter.

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