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Qwest Begins Voice Portal Services

October 31, 2000

DENVER (AP) _ Qwest Communications International Inc. has begun offering a talking Internet service over wireless phones.

Qwest’s new voice-activated Web browsing service offers personalized news, sports, traffic reports, airline information, stock quotes and weather to consumers and small businesses in eight western and midwestern states.

``Qwest Voice Browsing not only lets subscribers talk to the Internet, it lets the Internet talk back over a wireless phone. Customers do not need a computer. They simply ask for the information they want and Qwest Voice Browsing will provide answers within seconds,″ said Peter Mannetti, president of Qwest Wireless.

Qwest, whose fiber-optic network reaches 29 million customers, teamed up with BeVocal, a Santa Clara, Calif.-based company that specializes in voice software, applications and services.

The so-called Voice Browsing service is not unique. A host of companies, including Yahoo!, TellMe and America Online offer similar services.

To promote its service, Qwest is waiving the $4.95 per month charge through January 2001 for existing and new customers.