Chinese American Journalist Meiling Jin Cheats Death, Becomes One Of America’s Top Multicultural Influencers

January 18, 2019

Meiling Jin is Now a Major Media Producer and Journalist who is Looking to Partner with More Brands

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 18, 2019 / Meiling Jin, a Chinese American journalist and CEO of Studio Meiling Productions, has overcome significant adversity to become one of the United States’ top multicultural influencers.

To learn more about Meiling Jin and her work, please visit http://studiomeiling.com/.

As it notes on the Meiling Jin IMBD page, she was born in 1991 in a small coal mining town in The People’s Republic of China. As a spokesperson for Jin noted, she had every reason to fail at life starting before she was born. Her biological father allegedly attempted to murder her before her birth, and when she was 10, Jin survived a chokehold by a knife wielding man on a railroad track.

The 18-hour school and study days took their toll on Jin, and at the age of 12 she attempted suicide. As the spokesperson noted, Jin’s mom, who she saw only once a year, encouraged her to move to America.

When she was 15, Jin followed her mom’s advice and moved to America, arriving in a small farming town, just south of Chicago.

“The daily life of language and cultural isolation brought more depression. However she actively immersed herself into American culture, sending stories back to China for whoever would read them,” the spokesperson noted.

By age 21, the spokesperson noted, Jin was living in Chicago and had established herself as the top freelance journalist in the Chinese language world with 100 million views of almost 400 photo essays and bilingual videos running on the front pages of news sites around the world.

“She also boldly wrote original content for DanLan.org, China’s 15 million member LGBT website. No other Chinese journalist would put their face on these stories. One of her controversial videos included her performing an on camera HIV test. Because of her fearlessness, she found herself listed in the top 100 of all Chinese female media stars in the world,” a spokesperson for media analytics noted.

Fast forward to today, and Jin is enjoying great success as a major media producer, journalist and social media influencer. As the spokesperson noted, Jin has partnered with over 100 brands including Fashion Nova, Eterno Skin Care and Coco Shine AU, and she is always looking to partner with more companies.

As her Meiling Jin Vimeo page shows, she has interviewed a number of celebrities, including Patrick Stewart, John Legend, Dan Aykroyd, Terrance Howard, Bai Ling, Michael Moore and Erich Mancow Muller.

Branching into video content, Jin quickly put “Studio Meiling Productions, LLC” on the Red Carpet, next to ABC, NBC, CBS and other major outlets for one-on-one interviews with America’s top movie and TV entertainment talent.

“She has also written and produced several of her own productions including Chop Chop TV Show,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the show is based on an exaggeration of her life and friends in Chicago.

“This LGBT content show has original humor never before seen in America. The show is being shopped for distribution at this time.”

While Meiling is busy with journalism media and TV production, she also loves to share her daily journey within fashion, travel and lifestyle to her audience on her social media, including Facebook, and Instagram.

“She treats her followers as personal friends and she has attracted countless local brands and high-profile brands as she grows her social media influence,” the spokesperson noted.

About Meiling Jin:

Meiling Jin was born in Liaoning Province in The People’s Republic of China. In 2007, at the age of 15, she moved to America. In 2011, she began to establish herself as an “Internet celebrity” journalist on the Chinese QQ by posting stories and her photography about her life and experiences in America, all written in the Chinese language. For more information, please visit http://studiomeiling.com/.


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