Mark Edwards: If Hurts leaves, be glad for him and let that be that

January 10, 2019

Multiple sources are reporting that Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts has placed his name in the NCAA’s transfer portal, and it’s good to see that many Tide fans are willing to wish him well on social media.

First, the “transfer portal” sounds like something that sends you to one of Jupiter’s moons, rather than a system that allows schools from across the country to know who wants to consider transferring.

Second, if you’re one of the ones who is a bit miffed that Hurts might not stay, consider that he’s entitled to go to a school where he doesn’t have a Heisman Trophy runner-up standings between him and playing time.

He doesn’t owe Alabama anything, and the narrative of him being willing to sacrifice for the team still stands. He still has an undergraduate degree from Alabama and still seems to value his time wearing a crimson jersey.

If he didn’t care about the program, he could’ve asked Nick Saban to allow him to play only enough games this year to keep his redshirt intact. That would’ve saved a year of eligibility to be used at another school. Instead, he played in 13 games because he and Saban thought it best he get regular work so he wouldn’t be rusty if the day came when he was needed.

If he leaves, he’s got one year to play, instead of two. If he wants to spend his senior season at another school — even one in the Southeastern Conference — grin and bear it.

He got shoved into the lineup as a true freshman because Alabama needed him before he was ready. Then when somebody better came along, he got shoved out of it. If he held any of that against Saban or Alabama, he never revealed it publicly.

If you’re a fan of Jalen Hurts at Alabama, then you should be a fan of his if he’s elsewhere.

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