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April 24, 1985

NEW YORK (AP) _ Actress Jennifer Beals fought off a man who tried to mug her, admonishing after knocking him to the ground, ″You shouldn’t be doing that.″

The star of ″Flashdance″ remained ″pretty cool″ after the incident earlier this week in Grand Central Terminal, said Ann Marie Stein, a Columbia Pictures spokeswoman.

Ms. Beals, a Yale University student, arrived in Manhattan from New Haven, Conn., and was walking through the terminal when a man dropped a coat in front of her to slow her pace, Ms. Stein said.

A second man came up behind and reached into her purse, she said. Ms. Beals noticed the second man, turned and smashed him in the face.

″Right after slugging the guy, she began to walk away. But then she turned back to the guy lying on the floor and told him, ’You shouldn’t be doing that,‴ Ms. Stein said.

Nothing was taken from Ms. Beals’ purse and she was uninjured. Neither of the would-be muggers was arrested.

The actress is currently in Italy reshooting a scene for a remake of the movie, ″The Bride of Frankenstein,″ which also stars rock idol Sting.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Seventy-three-year-old Grand Ole Opry star Bill Monroe wasn’t telling Wednesday when asked where he planned to take his honeymoon.

Monroe, known as ″the father of bluegrass,″ and Della Streeter, whose age was not released, planned to marry Wednesday night.

A few hours before the wedding, Monroe was asked by a reporter which direction they would head on their honeymooon, and he said, ″I don’t know.″

The famed mandolin player, a widower, said he met Ms. Streeter years ago in Minnesota.

Monroe’s hits include ″Blue Moon of Kentucky″ and ″Mule Skinner’s Blues.″


LONDON (AP) - Princess Margaret, who had a lung operation in January, has been advised by doctors to cancel an engagement next month, her spokesman said Wednesday.

The 54-year-old sister of Queen Elizabeth II, who just returned from a visit to Hungary, will keep other scheduled engagements but will skip a fund- raising dinner-dance in Birmingham on May 8 for the Cancer Research Campaign, said the spokesman.

″Princess Margaret has an engagement that morning and has to return to London for an audience with the queen on the following day, and her doctors did not think a late night was a good idea,″ the spokesman said.

In January, the princess underwent an exploratory lung operation, causing concern that she might have developed lung cancer, but her doctors said the tissue they removed was benign.


OSLO, Norway (AP) - Former Vice President Walter Mondale, whose ancestral roots are in Norway, met Wednesday with King Olav V and Prime Minister Kaare Willoch.

Mondale arrived Wednesday morning for a two-day private visit to Norway.

He planned to visit the headquarters of Statoil, the Norwegian state oil company, in Stavanger, before flying back to Oslo for a gathering with relatives.

Mondale has family roots in Mundal, wWestern Norway. His grandfather, Ole Mundal, grew up there before emigrating to the United States. Mondale visited Mundal in 1979 when he was Jimmy Carter’s vice president.


ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - James Whitmore will play Judge Henry Pulaski in William Gibson’s ″Handy Dandy″ when it opens Thursday night, but on Wednesday the 63-year-old actor was looking for justice for himself.

Whitmore, who played Harry S Truman in ″Give ’Em Hell, Harry,″ told police here that $380 in cash was stolen from his apartment on State Street in downtown Albany. The cash, left in a dresser, was taken sometime between April 9 and last Friday.The Malibu, Calif., actor said three workmen were in his apartment working on a plumbing problem before the money disappeared.

Whitmore is co-starring with Audra Lindley, formerly of ″Three’s Company,″ in a production at the Empire State Institute for the Performing Arts. The play begins a six-day run Thursday.


BOSTON (AP) - Kelly Michelle has been signed on as sports director for a radio station WROR here. So what? She’s only 12 years old.

Details of her contract were not disclosed, but Miss Michelle said her employers gave in on one demand.

″I asked for a special line and a Mickey Mouse phone and said I wouldn’t work I unless got it. I got it pretty quick,″ she said Wednesday on the ″CBS Morning News.″

The seventh-grader, who will file on-the-air sports reports every Monday morning on the ″Joe and Andy″ show, began her career eight months ago, when the station started calling her for jokes.

″So she’d get out her Weekly Reader and tell a few really corny ones, but her delivery was cute and she made people laugh,″ WROR spokeswoman Nancy Clayburgh said.

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