He truly brings home the bacon

September 19, 2018

You have heard the term, “Bring home the bacon,’’ correct?

Its usage long has been tied to what’s known as “pork barrel politics,’’ which refers to politicians who direct taxpayer money to programs that benefit their constituents. The politicians, in turn, expect these constituents to support them at the polls.

Limestone resident Jared Mueller brought a whole lot of bacon home recently. But unlike a politician, he used his own money to obtain it and didn’t do it to gain votes or popularity.

In the most recent Weekend Edition of the Daily Journal, a front-page story written by senior reporter Lee Provost detailed how Mueller recently purchased hogs from area youth at the conclusion of the Kankakee County Fair, then had them converted into 780 pounds of butchered pork, which was donated to The Salvation Army, Gift of God Street Church, Harbor House and Fortitude Community Outreach in Bourbonnais. All these organizations feed the needy in our community.

Why did Mueller, president of Kankakee-based Another Level Tower Services Inc., perform such a wonderful deed? Let him explain it:

“I started out on hopes and a dream. I didn’t have any money, but businesses around me supported me,” he told Provost. “Now, I’m able to help out others. I would like others to give back to the community as well. I’m hoping this story might help others to do the same.”

If you want a cast a “vote’’ for Mueller, it isn’t hard, even if you don’t have any disposable income at your fingertips.

“I want to get other people involved with giving,” he said. “There is so much people can do. If you can’t afford to give due to finances, then volunteer. Get involved.’’

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