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Lizard from Saudi Arabia Stowed Away in Ammunitions Box

May 11, 1992

SAVANNA, Okla. (AP) _ A deserter from the Persian Gulf War showed up at a junior high school and was fed insects by the principal. But this story has a happy ending: The deserter, being a lizard, likes insects.

The reptile, about 3 inches long, apparently stowed away in an ammunitions box that was recently shipped from Saudi Arabia to the Army Ammunitions Plant in McAlester.

Don Capps, deputy storage manager at the plant, said he found the sand lizard and turned it over to Savanna Junior High School principal Johnny Elrod.

″I figured it would be good for science at the school,″ Capps said.

Elrod showed it to students last week in an English class, where it caused a brief disruption when it leapt from his hand and ran up his pant leg.

Elrod says he’s spending a lot of time catching insects for the lizard, which has sand-colored skin and can grow as long as 2 feet.

″There was no way I could import bugs from Saudi Arabia for him to eat,″ Elrod said.

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