Síclovía is a great event

April 4, 2019

The weather was chilly — at least for San Antonio. But instead of staying inside on a crisp Sunday, tens of thousands still turned out to roll, ride and walk their way to health.

Twice a year, San Antonians take to the streets and celebrate mobility and fitness. Síclovía is beautiful because it tells a different fitness story for San Antonio. We have seen the annual dispiriting rankings about our high obesity rates and general lack of fitness — all rankings to take seriously. And we know San Antonio is very much a car-centric city.

But Síclovía tells another story, and its resounding popularity hints at other possibilities for getting around town and embracing fitness.

Since its inception in 2011, the twice-annual event has been a huge community hit. An estimated 45,000 people turned out for the spring version of Síclovía, even though the chilly temps required sweaters and jackets. They bundled up and followed a car-free route stretching from César Chávez Boulevard to Mission Concepción.

They rode bikes and roller blades, scooters and e-scooters. They took exercise classes and played in the streets safely. What we love about Síclovía is the sight of so many people moving and grooving outside. We also love what the event says about San Antonio’s potential as a community that invites fitness and embraces all forms of mobility. Not just getting behind the wheel, but walking, running, scooting and biking in safe spaces. It hints toward a better showing one day on those health and fitness rankings, and embracing new ways to getting around town.

So, here’s to another spectacular Síclovía. And if you missed it, the next one will be Sept. 29. Ride, walk and scoot on, San Antonio.