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Daughter Says Rebels Fight Bravely

November 7, 1985

DALLAS (AP) _ In a tape recording released by rebels who had held the daughter of Salvadoran President Jose Napoleon Duarte for 44 days, the woman says the leftist guerrillas fight government troops ″with conviction and high morale,″ according to a published report today.

″Now, I have lived with them, I have seen how they live, the union between them, their solidarity, and I have talked with them,″ Ines Guadalupe Duarte Duran said in the recording obtained from the rebels by the Dallas Morning News.

Last week, Duarte said his 35-year-old daughter was being treated by psychologists for the Stockholm syndrome, in which victims of kidnappings become sympathetic with the views of their captors.

The guerrillas ″tried to destroy the bond between her and myself, but they did not achieve this,″ said Duarte. He said his daughter was ″returning to normality little by little.″

A government spokesman on Wednesday was read a transcript of the tape and did not dispute that the statements were Ms. Duarte’s.

″They obligated her to make declarations before they released her,″ said Julio Rey Prendes, minister of communications. ″When you tell a kidnapped person that they will be released, but first, they have to make declarations, then of course they will say anything.″

In the recording, Ms. Duarte said that ″my idea of the people in the Farabundo Marti Front, or in any of the leftist fronts, is completely different.″

She added, ″They fight with conviction and high morale.″

Rebels said they will broadcast the tape and have also said they plan to release a copy of a diary Ms. Duarte kept during her captivity.

Government officials secured Ms. Duarte’s release after negotiations in which the government freed 22 political prisoners and allowed 96 wounded guerrillas to be transferred out of the country for medical treatment. Guerrillas in return released Ms. Duarte, a friend of Ms. Duarte who was kidnapped with her and 23 town mayors who had been kidnapped. The Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front guerrilla coalition claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.

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