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Bright and Brief

September 1, 1988

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (AP) _ Police officers are hitting the beach ... to fill their ranks, not their jail.

Officers from Coventry traveled 25 miles to Scarborough State Beach on the Rhode Island Sound, opened a card table, hung a banner and sat down to wait for recruits, Chief Bruce Germani said.

Germani said he hoped to attract college graduates who spent the summer relaxing and are now seriously looking for jobs.

″When unemployment is high, this is a very attractive job,″ Germani said Wednesday. ″But in a good economy, like we have now, the job market is highly competitive.″

There is no lack of applicants, but finding good people is difficult, Germani said. The police department has 48 officers.

Officer Dave Beaudry, the department’s community relations officer, said the department will get about 300 applications but will send only one or two people to a training academy this month.

Germani said he will visit area colleges and shopping malls next month. ″By that time, people will be shopping for winter clothes and the students will have gotten settled in their classes,″ he said.


NEW YORK (AP) - Dogs lead the pack when it comes to biting people. But people are putting the bite on other people as well.

Dogs bit people 8,064 times last year in New York City; people bit people 1,587 times. That pecking order has remained the same for the past nine years, the city Health Department said Thursday in its annual bulletin of reported bite cases.

Next in frequency were bites from cats, 802, and rats, 291, the department said. The total of bites from all sources was 11,065, compared to 12,121 in 1986.

Except for humans themselves, people-biters have been striking less often every year for the past decade. The dog bite total was down by 10 percent last year. The people-bite figure increased slightly, from 1,572 in 1986.

Other biters of people in 1987 included 95 squirrels, 72 hamsters, 34 gerbils, 18 snakes and 15 rabbits. Also, raccoons, 11; bees and lab mice, 10 each; monkeys, ferrets and horses, 7 each; parrots and fish, 5 each; bats and turtles, 4 each; guinea pigs, skunks and spiders, 3 each; weasels, iguanas and roosters, 2 each; and a penguin and an otter, 1 each.

Missing from the 1987 list were a goat, ocelot and muskrat, each of which made the 1986 list.

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