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Policeman Disguised As Bush Foils Restaurant Robbery

August 30, 1996

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. (AP) _ Four would-be robbers were surprised when a dried-up bush outside a fast-food restaurant turned out to be a shotgun-wielding former Marine decked out like Rambo.

Police Detective Earl Feugill, who had been blending in the shrubbery for 90 minutes, was staking out a Checkers drive-through window Tuesday night after a series of restaurant robberies in southern Florida’s Broward County.

When the four _ who were armed and wore masks _ approached the back door, Feugill sprang up, raised his shotgun and ordered them to freeze.

``They were quite surprised,″ Feugill said.

The disguise was made of burlap attached with silicone to a camouflage outfit. He used in in his Marine days and still hunts with it.

``Scottish gamekeepers used these suits to cull their game herds,″ Feugill said.

James Scott, 19, and three juveniles were charged with armed robbery and resisting arrest. An employee also was charged with armed robbery because she was an accomplice and opened the door for the bandits, police said.

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