Doug’s Dugout: New Year’s Resolutions

December 27, 2018

Are you looking for a New Year’s resolution? Here is one that is very simple and can be the key to a successful 2019 and beyond: Resolve to be better tomorrow than you were today.

Simple, right? Not exactly. The next question is: Why do you want to be better tomorrow than today?

Is it because you can gain more yards than you did last year? Is it because you can add on 100 more kills in volleyball? Is it because you can cut a few seconds off that race so colleges will take note? Is it because you want to have that elusive 30-point night on the basketball court? And on, and on, and on.

Or, do you want to make your self better tomorrow than you are today for the success of the team you are playing for?

There truly is no “I” in TEAM. When teams are losing, there is a huge temptation to do things on your terms to make yourself look better.

If the team happens to improve because of that, so be it, but if it doesn’t at least you gave them the chance to hop aboard the “success train.”

We are so fortunate to live in a diverse community as Schuyler. I hear it over and over - “We are a city where we come together to be successful.”

Putting 60 players on a team from several different countries means absolutely nothing. It means that we can assemble diversity on a field and all wear the same color uniform.

The key to winning is caring as much about all the other teammates you share those practices and games with as you do with yourself - your statistics, and how good you looked on that last play.

People ask me all the time why the teams at Schuyler aren’t more successful. I choose to stay positive and talk about seeing improvement, about seeing caring coaches, etc. But, if I were to answer truthfully, the real answer to that question is that we don’t always cherish wearing those Schuyler colors for the love of our school, our tradition, and our teammates.

Success is just around the corner for many teams at SCHS. I firmly believe that. It will happen even faster if you resolve to make yourself better tomorrow than you were today for your teammates because that is the only way to make Schuyler No. 1 again!


Doug Phillips is a freelance writer for the Schuyler Sun. Reach him via email at SCHsports@lee.net

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