Several hepatitis A cases identified in Mohave County

May 22, 2019

Several cases of hepatitis A have been identified in Mohave County during April and May, according to a new alert released by the Department of Public Health.

It was not immediately clear where in Mohave County the cases have occurred.

Department of Public Health said they are working to identify cases of the virus and provide vaccines for those with the highest risk of contracting it, including users of illicit drugs and those experiencing homelessness.

Hepatitis A is a contagious disease of the liver that is caused by the hepatitis A virus. It can be spread through illicit drug use and sexual contact, but it is most commonly spread when something that has touched feces makes contact with a person’s mouth.

The symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, dark urine, fever, loss of appetite and jaundice. Those with symptoms should seek medical evaluation immediately.

According to the Department of Public Health, it can be prevented by getting vaccinated and washing hands after using the restroom or before handling food.

To treat the symptoms of hepatitis A, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says doctors usually recommend “rest, adequate nutrition and fluids.” For some people, symptoms can last up to six months, but for most, they last less than two months.

Calls to the Department of Public Health were not immediately returned.

More information about the vaccine can be found by calling the Mohave County Department of Public Health-Nursing at 928.453.0703.

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