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Cuban Refugee Allegedly Kills Man 11 Years After Prison Beating

August 21, 1985

HIALEAH, Fla. (AP) _ A Cuban refugee hunted down and killed a man he said had beaten him so severely in a Cuban prison 11 years earlier that he lost a kidney, according to police.

Heliodoro Alfonso-Gonzalez, 51, hopped a wrong train while wandering through the United States and, when he arrived in Hialeah, discovered that Roberto Alcala, 25, lived in the city, police said.

He bought a $1 butcher knife, hunted Alcala down and stabbed him in the stomach Aug. 13, said Detective John Rodriguez.

Alcala died of internal bleeding at Hialeah Hospital, police said.

Two days later, police arrested Alfonso-Gonzalez, 51, on charges of first- degree murder.

Police said he told them the two had met in Cuba’s Boniato prison where Alcala, then a teen-ager, and another man beat Alfonso-Gonzalez so badly he was hospitalized for 96 days.

Alfonso-Gonzalez told police he left Cuba in 1979 after being imprisoned for 18 years for political crimes, officials said. He drifted through Mexico and the United States, and was en route to California when he hopped the wrong train and two weeks ago ended up in Hialeah.

Alcala was stabbed while sitting on a bench waiting for a bus.

Acting on a tip, police arrested Alfonso-Gonzalez.

″He said he was happy we caught him,″ said Rodriguez. ″He said the life he was leading on the street was very tough and that he had no job and nothing to eat.″

Before taking Alfonso-Gonzalez to the police station, Rodriguez bought him a hamburger.

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