Room to build memories

August 30, 2018

MONROE — Aidan and Ashleigh Silvestro grew up with a 13.28-acre backyard.

Until two years ago, the 13-year-old twins lived at 251 Hattertown Road in Monroe, in a custom-built, 3,749-square-foot ranch that happens to sit on a piece of property that’s pretty much a miniature park.

“There’s a bunch of trails down there,” said Aidan, pointing toward the wooded area behind the house. “There’s a creek down there, and a pond.”

Indeed, his mom Kate said her family made the most of their chunk of land. She recalled going snow-shoeing and snowmobiling. Ashleigh concurred that the little haven was an amazing place to play.

“We would just run around everywhere,” she said.

The house is for sale for $649,000, and though the Silvestros left it for a house that better suited their needs as a family, it’s clear they miss it and loved living there. As the two teens walked through the house, they recounted how they used to hide in its many closets.

At some points, Aidan even sort of took over for Mark Markelz, who is the listing agent, gushing about how spacious the rooms are or how quiet the property is. As Aidan is too young for a real estate license, Markelz is still officially representing the property. However, he echoed a lot of his young “associate’s” thoughts on the home.

“I feel like this is a great place to raise a big family,” Markelz said.

Built in 1984, the house has five bedrooms and three full bathrooms. It features a recently renovated upstairs in-law apartment with separate access. It’s filled with such rustic touches as a mantel in the family room made out of a giant split log (the handiwork of a Silvestro family friend). The living room/dining room even area features a wood-burning stove in the stone fireplace, along with a vaulted ceiling. The room leads to a deck that looks out on that spectacular, spacious, tree-laden backyard.

Markelz said the property itself is one of the key selling points of the home. It can be kept as-is, or it could be converted to a horse farm. The huge swath of open space could also be home to an in-ground swimming pool.

But the Silvestros loved the property the way it was. Kate said she lived there for 18 years with her husband (who had already been there for two years). She said not only was it great for the kids, it was also a fine place to entertain. And it was a wonderful spot from which to enjoy the beauty of her surroundings.

“It’s so quiet,” she said.

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