Pot, vape cartridges, LSD found after I-69 traffic stop

April 3, 2019

Indiana State Police pulled the white pickup truck over on Interstate 69 at mile marker 316 about 9:45 a.m. Friday after the driver failed to move to the far lane to avoid state road maintenance vehicles.

Then the driver, Bradley Paul Battell, 39, of the 4100 block of Knoll Road, gave an alias and a phony Social Security number, according to court documents.

As he was being transported to Allen County Jail, officers conducted a vehicle search before a tow, as required by department police.

Police say officers found more than five pounds of marijuana in glass jars and air-tight vacuum-sealed bags, many of them labeled according to strain.

According to court documents, there were 178 individually, commercially sealed vaping cartridges of assorted flavors containing a wide range of THC content, the narcotic element in marijuana.

Four large and four small glass eye dropper vials contained nearly 24 ounces of marijuana liquid. Twenty-four peanut butter chocolates were individually wrapped in gold foil, court documents said.

A gallon zip-close bag contained two sheets of LSD tabs along with another gallon bag with LSD, for a total of 3,500 gel LSD tabs, which are sold individually, court documents said.

At the jail, police found a small glass vial in Battell’s left hand that tested positive for cocaine. This type of vial is typically used to ingest narcotics into the body.

Battell was charged Monday with dealing in a Schedule I substance, dealing in marijuana, and two counts of dealing in hashish oil with misdemeanor charges for paraphernalia possession and false informing.

Battell was being held at Allen County Jail in lieu of $32,500 bail and has a court hearing Thursday.