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AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Asia

September 22, 2014

The Asian Games, a mini-Olympics for more than 10,000 athletes from 45 nations, kicked off Friday in Icheon, South Korea, with a lavish opening ceremony. Teams from the Far East to the Middle East are competing in 42 sports, including football and weightlifting, in which North Korea’s Om Yun Chol beat his own world record to win gold in the men’s 56-kilogram clean and jerk.

Chinese tennis star Li Na — the first Asian to win a Grand Slam — shed tears at a news conference where she explained her decision to retire in the wake of a fourth knee operation. Li, who won the French Open in 2011 and Australian Open earlier this year, said she had no regrets and was very satisfied with her tennis career.

Scientists in New Zealand got a long-anticipated chance to inspect a rare giant squid that was caught eight months earlier and then frozen. Kat Bolstad, a squid scientist from the Auckland University of Technology, described the 350 kilograms (770 pound) specimen as “very big, very beautiful.”

Customers eager to buy Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices lined up in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Japan. The Chinese city of Chongqing, meanwhile, has created a 50-meter sidewalk lane for smartphone users. The idea, inspired by a National Geographic Television experiment in Washington D.C. earlier this year, is meant mainly to remind people that it is dangerous to message and tweet while walking along the street.

In the Philippines, a farmer carried piglets over floodwaters unleashed by Typhoon Kalmaegi, which left eight people dead and displaced thousands. Just days later, the country was hit again by torrential rains that flooded Manila and battered the northern provinces, killing five and forcing more than 200,000 people to evacuate.

Indonesia’s Mount Slamet spewed lava and gas during an eruption last week, sending ash on surrounding villages in central Java.

In a rare meeting, the leaders of the world’s two most populous nations forged some agreements in New Delhi to boost trade and investment. But a long-festering border dispute appeared to cast a shadow over Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

At Burger King restaurants in Japan, customers can buy the newest version of the fast-food chain’s “kuro,” or black, burgers. The Kuro Pearl has a black pepper beef patty covered with Chaliapin sauce infused with squid ink, while the Kuro Diamond is the same burger topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mayonnaise. This is the third year Burger King Japan has sold black burgers, which have been a hit among Japanese consumers.

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