Orchids and Onions: Tuesday, March 26, 2019

March 26, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the young man in the parking lot of Flame Broiler today. I’m so sorry I scraped your car. You were so forgiving though. I really appreciate you forgiving my miscalculations. I felt so dumb! Thank you again for your being so understanding!

Onions to those that put their political opinion in orchids and onions! No one actually cares what you think! This country is going to hell thanks to the democrats.

Orchids to the leadership of the Parrotheads of Lake Havasu City for organizing the March social at Turtle Grill. As news members, we all had a blast. Also Orchids to the snowbirds that have joined. Great conversations. Also big orchids to the servers for tending so efficiently to all who attended!

Onions to “You Know Who You Are.” On your recommendation, I moved here. “Plenty of good single men,” you bragged. I pulled up stakes and left Battle Creek. So far, the only good in the guys I’ve dated is the size of their tummy rolls. Pillsbury Dough Boy would be proud. Cheap men hooked on cheap beer!

Orchids to the Blue Chair for the best fish tacos and calamari we have had in the last 20 years in Havasu. View is the best and staff was great.

Onions to the California public utility, that while responsible for destroying an entire town and thousands of acres of forest, plans to both file for bankruptcy and award $235 million in incentive bonuses to its employees at the same time. How about using that money for restoration instead? Only in crazy California!

Orchids to the Robin and the local Motor Vehicle Division. A quick and efficient in-and-out. Twenty-three years living here and have never had a bad experience. If you have all your paperwork and don’t visit during a peak time, it’s smooth sailing. The new layout is very efficient.

Onions to the residents who leave their dogs out to bark none stop all day long. Cruel to your dogs and inconsiderate to your neighbors. Very annoying.

Orchids to Jessica at Lab Corp for being so friendly and professional. The company you work for has a great dedicated employee that cares about your patients. Good employees are sometimes hard to find. Hang on to her. A patient.

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