What happened to McDonald’s french fries?

May 7, 2019

Growing up in Montana from ages 2 to 18, dining at McDonald’s was a treat, as Mom cooked dinner nearly every evening. Big Macs and french fries were the best things ever (besides Mom’s cooking, of course), and the fast-food chain would even become employment for one summer during high school.

So what has happened to McDonald’s once-stellar fries? They were part of dinner Sunday night, and they were soggy and cold seconds after exiting the drive-thru. This isn’t just a recent occurrence, either. At other McDonald’s outlets in other cities in recent months, the fries also were soggy and cold, as well as flavorless.

It’s a french fry fall from grace for McDonald’s. Is the Hamburglar to blame?

Zip’s Drive-In was never a fast-food favorite during college at Gonzaga, and a second or third visit in this lifetime happened just last week – and talk about missing out! The crinkled fries were perfectly salted, crispy and delicious. Sonic Drive-In’s tater tots have been a longtime favorite, and Jack in the Box’s fries taste like tater tots, so we’re good to go there, too.

Ketchup, McDonald’s (get it?)! Where are your favorite french fries in Spokane?