4. Madison, WI

November 9, 2018

Photo Credit: Sean Pavone / Alamy Stock Photo

Percent of workers who live <10 min. from work: 15.3%Mean one-way commute: 19.9 minutesCommuter profile: Car: 70.0%, Public transit: 9.3%, Walk: 9.9%, Bicycle: 4.1%Median home value: $240,700Median rent (2br): $1,176

Although cars are still the most common mode of transportation, Madison commuters have more diversified preferences than other cities on this list, with 9.3 percent taking public transit, 9.9 percent walking to work, and 4.1 percent commuting by bicycle. Madison is known for its four large lakes, including Lake Mendoza, and its green spaces like arboretums and botanical gardens. The median home value and median rent in Madison are higher than most of the other cities on this list, though still affordable.

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