Burt Bacharach inspired by politics

May 13, 2019

Politics inspire Burt Bacharach to keep writing music.

The singer/songwriter - who will turn 91 on Sunday (05.12.19) - says he is upset by the state of politics in his native USA and one of his latest songs ‘Live To See Another Day’ has been inspired by the gun violence in America.

He told The Guardian: “This is my form of resistance. I can’t stand what’s happening in this country - my country.”

“We have 20 Democrat candidates running for president - there’s never been anything like it, not in my lifetime. Twenty! We must pick somebody who’s capable of getting rid of this guy [Donald Trump]. I’m not sure he’ll leave even if he loses. They’ll have to drag him out - unless he starts a civil war.

“He’s very dangerous. Every subpoena sent to the White House he ignores. He’s guilty of so much obstruction of justice. The good guys - the Democrats - have to stand united. It’s almost like Trump is making it so we have no choice but to start impeachment. We don’t want to. [Speaker of the House of Representatives] Nancy Pelosi - thank God for her. She’s keeping us together. We have to pick the right person. Keep your fingers crossed.”

Another new song ‘With A Voice’ is also inspired by his opposition to Trump with Burt explaining its theme as “the anguish of living in a Trump land”.

Bacharach also insisted that he doesn’t take his legacy for granted.

He explained: “I’m still here, still walking, still writing, still touring. It’s gratitude, and it’s attitude. They go together.”