Good riddance

July 15, 2018


Staff Photographer

HARLINGEN — A steady flow of vehicles loaded with unwanted items such as tires, furniture and bedding arrived at the Harlingen Soccer Complex parking lot yesterday.

Residents were taking advantage of a community-wide cleanup hosted by the City of Harlingen’s Code Compliance Department.

The items were unloaded by city staff and volunteers and separated into designated dumpsters.

Harlingen Code Compliance Manager Jose Aceves said that in one city event like yesterday’s, they can get from 100 to 150 cars dropping off items. They collect anywhere from 5 to12 tons of unwanted items in a four-hour period.

These cleanup events are held quarterly and residents are encouraged to take advantage of the free event to dispose of unwanted items.

“This program is geared toward our residents,” he said. “Sometimes they might have issues with debris, they maybe moved from one place to another and they have tires, sofas or refrigerators they need to get rid of. So we host these events where they can bring them and dispose of them at no charge.”

Aceves says the community events have been effective and the results can be seen in neighborhood streets and on residential properties.

“Tires are the most dropped-off item, that’s why we limit it to four per resident,” he added.

The items collected are then taken to the city landfill for disposal.

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