Delizioso! DiVino in North Augusta offers authentic Italian food

October 10, 2018

Marion and Andrea Petruzzi came all the way from Italy to create their restaurant, DiVino Ristorante Italiano, in North Augusta.

The couple came to North Augusta in part because Marion’s father lives there.

“In Italy now, it’s very difficult to have a business,” Andrea said. “So we decided to try here.”

They decided to open DiVino mainly because of Andrea’s experience in the restaurant business.

“We thought it was good for a creative business because there wasn’t really anything authentic here,” Marion said. “We wanted to bring something here as European as we are, so we thought it was a great idea.”

Chef Leonardo Accorsi, who is also a native of Florence, Italy, works in the DiVino kitchen. Divino’s pasta, deserts, and meals are all homemade.

Marion said people who are used to Americanized version of Italian foods, like spaghetti with meatballs, might be surprised when they come to DiVino due to the ingredients used for authentic Italian meals. However, the biggest culture clash was the timeframe they had to prepare meals.

“In Europe, the times are totally different,” Marion said. “We dine later at night, and people dine all evening. We take time to take some wine ... to have some appetizers and entrees. And here we really had to work on our times because everything is homemade.”

Overall, the Petruzzi’s said that the transition from Italy to North Augusta was a relatively smooth one, and that the town has been very supportive in their business venture.

“I think Americans are open-minded; they like to try new experiences and new things,” Marion said.

DiVino also holds a variety of events at the restaurant throughout the year, like costume contests and themed parties. One example was Latin Night on Oct. 6, which featured free beginner’s salsa classes.

DiVino is located at 465 Railroad Ave. #100 in the Hammond’s Ferry neighborhood in North Augusta.

To learn more, visit divinonorthaugusta.com.

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