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Woman ordered to pay $10,000 in back support to millionaire husband

May 20, 1997

LAS VEGAS (AP) _ A woman who earns about $1,000 a month has been ordered to pay $10,000 in back child support to her millionaire ex-husband.

``I do not need the money to support the children,″ Steven Scroggin, the father of three teen-age children with ex-wife Lisa Stiller, said Monday. ``I do think she needs to make some contribution to their living. She brought them into the world. She has an obligation to make payments.″

Lisa Stiller will have to serve 10 days in jail in August if she does not catch up on the $180 monthly payments to support her 16-year-old son, and two daughters, 13 and 14.

``The irony of this is that one of the reasons he got the children was that he was better able to support them,″ Ms. Stiller, 47, told The Las Vegas Review-Journal.

She is going to court in June to try to overturn the February order to pay up or go to jail.

``Her biggest problem was that she wasn’t wealthy, and that’s not the way things should be working,″ said her attorney, Brian Steinberg.

Scroggin, an investment manager, has more than $1 million in assets, mostly owned jointly with his current wife, and earns about $13,000 a month, according to court records.

Ms. Stiller, a free-lance writer and community college teacher, earns about $1,000 per month, the records say, although Scroggin said she gets money from her mother.

Scroggin, 44, said his ex-wife has graduate degrees in education and counseling and is ``willfully underemployed.″

``It’s her way of dealing with obligations she’s got,″ he said. ``I think she’s still fighting a divorce we had in 1983 and won’t let go.″

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