Google refuses to send top execs before Congress

September 3, 2018

Google has refused to send any of its top executives to appear before Congress Wednesday to discuss the role of social media in protecting the integrity of the mid-term elections.

While Google holds back, Facebook is sending its Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, and Twitter is sending CEO Jack Dorsey.

Senators are threatening to display an empty chair in place of a representative from Google just days after the search engine denied President Donald Trump’s claim that Google is “suppressing voices of conservatives” by rigging search results.

Facebook, Twitter and Google were all invited for a hearing on Wednesday in Washington about what these companies are doing to help prevent foreign actors from trying to influence elections using their platforms.

The hearing comes one week after President Donald Trump said Google Facebook and Twitter were treating conservatives very unfairly and were quote trying to silence a very large part of the country.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said last week that the administration would look into possibly regulating Google after the president alleged Google was suppressing pro-Trump information in its search results.

Although Wednesday’s hearing are about preventing foreign actors from trying to influence the midterm elections, the executives will likely also be asked about the president’s accusations that internet companies are biased against conservative and pro-Trump media figures.

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