Letter to the editor: Stop stoking partisan bonfires

September 30, 2018

I don’t watch the political news anymore because it is not news. It is accusation, rebuttal, vilification and vitriol. I typically receive two requests a week to fund someone’s campaign against someone else whose very presence is going to ruin the country. I never give.

These personal solicitations must work, or they would not be so pervasive. Both parties are lining their pockets with cash contributions that only perpetuate this irritating practice. Without these controversies there would be no reason to give now and give generously.

Wake up America. If we as voting citizens would stop fueling these partisan-inspired bonfires, the fires would eventually die out for lack of fuel. If you want to be a force for good, start paying attention to important issues like employment, immigration, government waste, the stock market, Supreme Court decisions and inner-city crime. Take some personal responsibility for your less fortunate neighbors. Fund organizations that are making a difference in people’s lives.

Let the politicians duke it out in a dark alley somewhere instead of in a crowded palace with bright lights and mikes. I’ve had it.

Don Scott

Mt. Pleasant Township

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