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Pilot Ejects Safely As F-16 Jet Fighter Crashes

June 29, 1989

FALL RIVER, Kan. (AP) _ A Kansas Air National Guard F-16A crashed Wednesday in southeast Kansas, but the pilot parachuted to safety, authorities said.

Lt. Col. Vincent Shiban, 40, attached to the 113th Tactical Fighter Wing in Washington, D.C., was uninjured. He was flying out of McConnell Air Force Base on a training mission in the single-seat fighter, said Lt. Col. Paul Muehring, the base’s public affairs officer.

A passing motorist picked up Shiban and took him to the Flint Oak Ranch. From there, he was taken by helicopter to the base hospital about 90 miles west of the crash site for examination.

The crash occurred in a rural area about three miles south of Fall River, Muehring said. The plane was destroyed but nothing on the ground was damaged.

″The way I understand it there’s a smoking hole in the ground and that’s about it,″ he said.

A board of Air Force and Air Guard officers will investigate the crash.

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