Births 3/18/2019

March 18, 2019


BIDEGANETA: A daughter, March 9, to Joe and Megan Bideganeta, Peckville.

CHMIELEWSKI: A son, March 12, to Mark and Jennie Havenstrite Chmielewski, Scranton.

CORTAZAR: A son, March 13, to Brandon and Erin Risboskin Cortazar, Dickson City.

FLYNN: A daughter, March 9, to Marty Flynn and Kate Kochanski, Scranton.

FIGUEROA: A daughter, March 9, to Luis Figueroa and Hannah Parrish, Scranton.

FITZPATRICK: Twin sons, March 11, to Eugene Fitzpatrick and Angela Farrell, Clarks Summit.

GRASSO: A daughter, March 11, to Jeffrey and Rachel Duda Grasso, Scranton.

HENDERSON: A son, March 12, to Richard and Jennifer Adamitis Henderson, Milanville.

JEREZ: A daughter, March 6, to Marcelino Jerez Jr. and Jennifer Cerda, Taylor.

JOHNSON: A daughter, March 13, to Joseph and Rebekah Unangst Johnson, Dunmore.

JONES: A son, March 11, to Brian Jones and Lindsay Baker, Carbondale.

LUNGER: A daughter, March 11, to Kristian and Jessica Dafuk Lunger, Lawton.

OLIVETTI: A daughter, March 12, to Jeremy and Judith Price Olivetti, Scranton.

MALONE: A son, March 9, to Conor and Ellen Maloney Malone, Dunmore.

MOORE: A son, March 8, to Charone Moore and Brittany Theobald, Scranton.

OWENS: A son, March 12, to Cory Owens and Brittany Biddison, Scranton.

ROBERTS: A son, March 8, to Tim and Danielle Heimel Roberts, Lake Ariel.

SCALA: A son, March 10, to Trevor and Cherianne Hollenback Scala, Factoryville.

SULLIVAN: A son, March 6, to Brett and Candace Sullivan, Jessup.


DINKO: A son, Feb. 27, to Joshua E. and Gina Piccini Dinko, White Haven.

FURMAN: A son, March 2, to Nicholas Furman and Katrina Walsh, Noxen.

HANNA: A daughter, Feb. 27, to Christopher Jacob and Danielle Perone Hanna, Tunkhannock/Bangor.

KETTEL: A daughter, Feb. 28, to Michael Patrick and Maura Kennedy Kettel, Clarks Summit.

NAUGHTON: A son, Feb. 27, to Patrick Naughton Jr. and Faith Plotkin, Scranton.