Sewickley Parking Authority passes MeterFeeder fees onto app users

August 6, 2018

Ben Stephens of Pittsburgh pays to park Wednesday on Broad Street in Sewickley.

Those parking in Sewickley who use the MeterFeeder mobile parking app might have noticed they were charged more than usual Aug. 1.

Starting this month, a 30-cent per day credit card processing fee was added to the cost of parking for those using the app.

The new charge isn’t an increase in parking rates -- although it effectively is -- for those who use MeterFeeder.

The processing fee had been paid by the Sewickley Parking Authority, which negotiated the change with MeterFeeder, according to Richard Webb, the authority board chairman.

“It’s a change. This cost was always there -- it never should have been assumed by the authority,” Webb said.

Webb and a newly-appointed board have been working to sort out a myriad of issues he says the parking authority has faced since the previous board resigned en masse in February.

It took borough council until May to appoint enough members to reconstitute the board and in the months since, the new members have been working to address the borough’s parking issues.

Expect other changes soon, Webb said, as the authority works to alleviate some of the parking issues that are a result of the way the borough’s parking is zoned.

The borough has about 350 on-street and about 96 off-street public parking spaces -- the number varies, according to Webb, because council adds and removes spaces as needed, for various reasons.

There are 41 pay stations which require “ongoing maintenance,” Webb said. The maintenance service provider the authority uses generally fixes the problem within 24 hours of a service call, but that isn’t always the case, Webb said.

“It (the amount of machines that work) fluctuates continually,” he said.

As of June 30, the authorities revenues from parking fees were about $231,000. The revenues for 2017 weren’t immediately available because prior to this year, the borough received the revenue, Webb said.

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