MEXICO CITY (AP) — Civil defense officials say a Russian-built military helicopter went down Tuesday while carrying relief aid to a quake-ravaged part of Mexico.

The governor of the southern state of Chiapas wrote in his Twitter account that the Mi-17 transport helicopter was heading to the Chiapas town of Jaltenango when it went down. Gov. Manuel Velasco didn't give any details on injuries.

But the state's civil defense director told the Milenio television network that seven military personnel and one civil defense worker aboard the craft had made contact with rescue workers and said some had been injured.

Jaltenango is one of the areas hit by an 8.1 magnitude earthquake last week that killed at least 96 people in Chiapas and neighboring Oaxaca.

Velasco later posted a photo of the helicopter with its landing gear partly collapsed after what appeared to be a forced landing.