Three ways to maximize decor in small spaces

August 20, 2018

Warm weather often inspires renewed vigor in decorating or organizing a home. People who live in apartments, small homes or condos or those who have embraced the “tiny house” movement must rely on clever decorating to maximize their spaces. Here are some ideas when space is at a premium.

• Go vertical. Utilize vertical space, such as lights hung on a wall beside a bed instead of lamps on a nightstand or bookshelves and other shelving to keep items off of the floor.

• Bench seating: Benches can provide more seating when entertaining guests and also can be moved to the living room or elsewhere as needed. Place a small bench in a foyer and put some wicker bins beneath for storage.

• Utilize natural light. Rooms that have ample light can seem more spacious. Pull up blinds (or skip them if privacy isn’t an issue) and use the sunshine to help spaces appear more airy.

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