Addressing climate mean doing without -- Sally Young

May 18, 2019

The elephant in the room has been named.

Last Sunday’s letter to the editor about climate change, “We must sacrifice to save our planet,” used the “S-word” -- sacrifice.

We all (and I include myself here) gnash our teeth and wait for technology, the government or corporations to fix things. But we each need to do more. We have been told that every economy must always expand. To accomplish this we have enjoyed the highest standard of living and the greatest throwaway consumer culture of any country on earth. Almost nowhere do we read about the need for individual sacrifice.

To make meaningful headway on climate change, each and every one of us must be willing to sacrifice our current lifestyle. This means more than recycling, buying LED bulbs and driving a Prius. It means doing without.

Yes, it is a good goal to prod Madison Gas and Electric to go 100% renewable by 2050. Yes, I can work on projects such as this. Then maybe, just maybe, I won’t have to actually give up any of the things I want to have, the things I love to do, and the trips I want to take. Sacrifice.

Sally Young, Madison

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