As ‘DC Moochie,’ Delaware septuagenarian gets into rap game

December 9, 2018

DELAWARE CITY, Del. (AP) — At 71, Ruth Rivera has 4 children, 12 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren. She also has a late-blooming career as a rap artist.

Rivera goes by DC Moochie these days when she’s laying down tracks. Predominantly, the Delaware City native has been focused on providing tracks supporting her favorite NFL team the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I love the Eagles,” she said. “Everybody thought they were the underdogs and I always heard, you know, ‘the Eagles ain’t gonna do it, they always choke at the end.’ I said, I’m an underdog, and I know, one day, our star is going to shine. I just knew they were going to win.”

Rivera said her efforts started as a kind of poetry, though she’s also dabbled in country music stylings as well. The idea to put her rhymes to music didn’t really cross her mind until having a conversation with her friend, neighbor, and, now, producer, Cory Lloyd. In the studio, he goes by TurnDat$hxtDown.

He has more faith than me; I lack confidence, but he thinks I can do good, so we kind of work together” she said. “The ladies on the corner, they’re like, ‘Oh my goodness,’ they said. ‘I never thought you’d be a rapper.’”

The partnership came together after a brief stint in Georgia for Lloyd, who returned to Delaware recently.

“She actually lives next door to me right now,” Lloyd said. “I had move to Atlanta and then I came back and she still was out here. She had told me she had some songs for the Eagles or whatever, and I didn’t really think anything of it. I kind of thought she was just playing--and then she came over and recorded. And we’ve been cool ever since.”

He said Rivera’s talents are certainly unique.

“I had never heard of a senior citizen, like--that’s what she calls herself, senior citizen grandma rapper,” he said, “She sings, too, she has some country stuff we’re about to work on.”

The country music is considerably heavier in subject matter than her rap songs, and focus on things like a daughter’s difficult relationship with an absent father. The Philadelphia Eagles supporting music is lighter fare.

“What inspired me to write the song One More Win was the little cheer I kept hearing Doug Pederson saying. ‘One more win, we gotta just do one more win, and it doesn’t matter if it was a point or what, as long as it’s a win. A win is a win.’”

Her family has been getting in on the act, too. Her 92-year-old mother, after seeing Rivera’s musical pursuits, penned two Christmas books, and her grandson has provided tips on song additions and topical direction for certain tracks.

“My one grandson,he was the one talking about the Green Machine, and put in the last one, talking about ‘set, 42, hike!’”

“She’s definitely not to be underestimated,” Lloyd said. “That’s all I can say. She definitely threw me for a loop.”


Information from: WDEL-FM, http://www.wdel.com/

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