Today is Sunday, June 14, the 165th day of 2015. There are 200 days left in the year.

Highlights in history on this date:

1497 - Juan Borgia, the son of pope Alexander VI, is murdered, allegedly by his power-hungry brother Cesare.

1645 - Parliamentarian New Model Army under Oliver Cromwell routs Royalists at Naseby in England, deciding the Civil War.

1898 - Anglo-French Convention defines boundaries in Nigeria and Gold Coast.

1923 - Aleksandur Stamboliysky, popular Bulgarian political leader, is assassinated after a military coup.

1940 - German forces occupy Paris.

1941 - U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders freezing of German and Italian assets in United States.

1949 - Vietnamese state is established at Saigon under former emperor Bao Dai.

1959 - United States agrees to provide Greece with nuclear information and supply ballistic rockets.

1962 - European Space Research Organization is established in Paris.

1967 - U.S. Mariner spacecraft is launched toward Venus to discover if the planet can support life.

1975 - Soviet Union launches its second spacecraft in six days toward Venus for October rendezvous designed to land one or two capsules on planet.

1980 - United States rejects European call for participation of Palestine Liberation Organization in Middle East peace talks.

1982 - Argentine forces on the Falkland Islands surrender to the British, ending a 10-week war.

1987 - Pope John Paul II ends weeklong pilgrimage to his native Poland with stern lecture about human rights to nation's Communist leadership.

1992 - Serbs allegedly pile Bosnian prisoners into a bus near Sarajevo and then fire on it with anti-tank weapons and small arms, killing 47.

1993 - Prince Norodom Sihanouk is reinstated as Cambodian head of state.

1993 - Tansu Ciller becomes Turkey's first female prime minister after being elected leader of the center-right True Path Party.

1997 - Pol Pot is reported in Cambodia to be fleeing from the Khmer Rouge guerrillas he once commanded.

1999 - NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo discover the first mass grave, believed to contain 81 bodies, as Serb troops withdraw leaving the houses of ethnic Albanians in flames.

2001 - Yugoslavia approves Slobodan Milosevic's extradition to The Hague, Netherlands, to face trial before a U.N. tribunal for crimes against humanity and war crimes in the Kosovo conflict.

2004 - A car bomb shatters a convoy carrying Westerners in central Baghdad, killing at least 12 and wounding at least 60.

2006 - More than 1,000 Indonesian villagers are forced to flee Mount Merapi's slopes after searing hot gas and debris erupts from the volcano.

2007 - Hamas fighters take over two security command centers and vanquish the rival Fatah's movement in the Gaza Strip, prompting beleaguered Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to dissolve the Hamas-Fatah unity government.

2009 - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu endorses a Palestinian state beside Israel, reversing himself in the face of U.S. pressure but attaching conditions such as demilitarization that Palestinians swiftly reject.

2011 - Russia's top investigative body says that a judge's former assistant is unable to present convincing evidence that the judge was pressured by his superiors in the trial of jailed oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

2012 - A rock-star welcome greets Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi as she embarks on her first trip to Europe in 24 years, but after a whirlwind of standing ovations, receptions and speeches the 66-year-old Nobel Laureate falls ill during a news conference in Switzerland.

2013 - Hezbollah's leader vows that his militants will keep fighting in Syria "wherever needed" after the U.S. agrees to arm the rebels in the civil war, setting up a proxy fighting between Iran and the West.

2014 - Pro-Russia separatists shoot down a Ukrainian military transport plane, killing all 49 crew and troops aboard and the country's new president vows to punish those responsible.

Today's Birthdays:

Harriet Beecher Stowe, U.S. writer (1811-1896); John Bartlett, English writer/editor of "Familiar Quotations" (1820-1905); Gene Barry, U.S. actor (1923--); Ernesto "Che" Guevara, Argentine-born revolutionary (1928-1967); Jerzy Kosinski, Polish-born writer (1933-1991); Donald Trump, U.S. businessman/TV personality (1946--); Boy George, British pop singer (1961--); Yasmine Bleeth, U.S. actress (1968--); Steffi Graf, German tennis champion (1969--).

Thought For Today:

Initiative is doing the right thing without being told — Victor Hugo, French writer (1802-1885).