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New Names Added to Vietnam Veterans Memorial

May 7, 1993

WASHINGTON (AP) _ An engraver carefully swept a jet of aluminum oxide powder across a stencil a few times, and the name Donald D. Maki appeared on the polished black stone.

Maki’s was one of eight new names etched onto the panels of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Thursday. The names are those of Americans who died from their Vietnam War wounds after they left the military, said Jan Scruggs, president and founder of the memorial.

Maki was a petty officer on the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea who died in a shipboard accident in 1967. Now, the Navy has reviewed the records and decided his name belongs on the wall, said Navy spokesman Lt. David Waterman.

The additions bring to 58,191 the number of names on the memorial, each representing an American killed or missing in the Southeast Asia conflict.

In another change, the cross symbol next to eight names already on the wall will be changed to a diamond, signifying an official change in status from missing to killed in action.

Scruggs said he hoped President Clinton would visit the memorial, especially as he considers sending American troops to Bosnia.

″It’s very important that America understand the cost of war, and the young lives that will never be lived to their fullest. Every president of the United States should come to the memorial,″ Scruggs said.

Those whose names were added are: James Byszek, North Brookfield, Mass.; Charles Colleps, Hutchins, Texas; F. Scott Crismon, Denver, Colo.; Rubert Humphries, Paducah, Ky.; Donald Kramer, Kenton, Ohio; Maki, Hutchinson, Minn.; Michael Rowcroft, Roosevelt, N.Y.; and Mateo Sabog, Waipahu, Hawaii.

Additions and other changes to the list must meet Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund criteria and be certified by the Department of Defense.

The engraving process will be completed in time for Memorial Day ceremonies at the wall in honor of the eight servicemen and their families.

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