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Chamber of Commerce Registers Hollywood Name

November 15, 1985

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ The word ″Hollywood″ has been registered by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in hopes the group can generate a bonanza from sales of T-shirts, trinkets and other items that catch the eye of tourists.

The chamber plans to sell a trademark product line that uses representations of the Hollywood sign landmark in the hills above the film capital, said Edward N. Lewis, the chamber’s vice president for marketing.

The product line also will promote the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which immortalizes the names of entertainers in brass stars planted along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, he said Wednesday.

The chamber wants to raise $300,000 during the next 18 months for maintenance on the sign and the walk, Lewis said.

Because the chamber has been using the Hollywood name since 1921, Secretary of State March Fong Eu decided the group legally could register the name with the state for the purpose of selling products, he said.

Businesses using Hollywood in their name will not be affected by the new registration, but any merchandise using the name will have to be licensed by the chamber, Lewis said.

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