Help President’s Associates Scholars like me

May 1, 2019

Thanks to the New Mexico State University Foundation’s President’s Associates Scholars program, my freshman year at NMSU has been full of opportunity. I am Thomas Serrano, and I am a President’s Associates Scholar.

This scholarship, established in 1978, seeks to award exemplary high school students from New Mexico for both their academic achievement and contribution to their community during their high school career. As a graduate of St. Michael’s High School, where I was a member of many clubs and organizations, my goal had always been to find a school where I could both pursue my career goal of become a wildlife biologist and graduate without a gigantic student loan hovering over my head. Because of NMSU and being a President’s Associates Scholar, I will be able to achieve both of those goals.

Receiving this scholarship has been a true gift for me, and because of it, I am working on wrapping up my second semester at NMSU, majoring in fish, wildlife and conservation ecology with a minor in range science. Because of this scholarship, my time at school isn’t wasted worrying about paying tuition. Instead, I can focus my time and energy on my academic studies and extracurricular activities.

This school year has been full exciting new adventures like working for a graduate student studying the Organ Mountain Colorado chipmunk up in the Organ Mountains, attending a conference in Albuquerque with the NMSU Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society, and later this spring, attending a retreat in Glorieta with the Southwest Natural Resource Career Tracks program.

Life as a student can be extremely overwhelming, even without the additional weight of tuition hanging over your head. I would have already missed out on so many opportunities this year if it weren’t for the generous donors who support the President’s Associates Scholars program. Because of them, I am able to focus all my time and energy into my future career, including a possible summer internship with the U.S. Forest Service.

Please join me in supporting future President’s Associates Scholars through Sunday, May 5, during our online auction. Every proceed raised during this auction will support the incoming class of President’s Associates Scholars, who are considered New Mexico’s most talented students. This year’s auction items include collectable art, NFL game tickets, NMSU class rings, rare Raggedy Ann comics and magazines – to name a few. To bid, visit https://support.nmsu.edu/pa. Thank you for helping New Mexico students achieve their dreams at home as Aggies.

Thomas Serrano is a NMSU freshman student NMSU student who grew up in Santa Fe. He is one of NMSU’s President’s Associates Scholars, the top scholarship you can receive from NMSU. It is only awarded to 15 New Mexico high school students every year.