Utah Valley Student of the Week: Marion Earl

September 16, 2018

Walking out onto the playground at Orchard Elementary School in Orem is a fun sight to see. Students are running around playing and new friends are being made everyday. There is one student who everyone seeks out to be his or her friend. Her name is Marion Earl. She is the most amazing second-grade student and is this week’s Daily Herald student of the week.

When Marion was 1-and-a-half years old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor has caused her to lose most of her eyesight and she is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Despite these major health issues, Marion is attending school, learning Braille and inspiring the entire student body at Orchard Elementary.

Stephanie Buffington, an aide at the school stated, “Marion is an example of perseverance, humor and heart. Marion can do pretty much anything the other kids can do but sometimes we have to get creative. She has an ‘I can do anything attitude’ and often reminds herself out loud, ‘I can do hard things.’ If she sees someone sad or hurt she is the first person to put her arm around him or her and tell them everything is going to be OK. She takes the time to stop and thank people when they do even the smallest things to help her. When she gets a drink she says, ‘I’m so glad we have clean water, not everybody does’ or she’ll touch her heart and say, ‘My mom is an angel.’ She sees the good that the rest of us often miss.”

Marion’s 2nd grade teacher, Miss Catherine Summers, remarked, “I admire Marion’s willingness to take risks and face challenges with grace. Her sincerity and kindness have deeply touched me. She is such a light in our school! She changes the world for the better.”

Orchard principal Kerry Milner stated, “Marion is the sweetest girl. Kids at our school are better citizens because of the example Marion shows. We have a program of kids caught being kind. Without fail, other kids are reporting every day how Marion has been so kind to others.”

Marion happily states, “It’s all of the other people that make me brave.” Her advice for others: “If you are having a hard time, just be brave and believe in yourself. You should always want to help other people.” Her favorite things are making new friends, playing tag at recess and solving mystery pictures in math.

Perhaps we can all learn from Marion and ask ourselves what she says every day: “Why wouldn’t today be the best day of my life!”

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