William Pike: Trump forges ahead despite criticisms

May 11, 2019

Editor: The Democrats now running for president have finally discovered that if they want to reach a larger audience, they will hold their town meetings on Fox News instead of the fake news stations that only the deranged watch.

Have y’all noticed that Bernie and others have had their meetings on Fox? Let’s keep it a secret from all the narrow minded few, because we don’t want to help them gain any more votes. And they realize that they will get fair questions and no “gotcha trick questions” like the fake news like to ask.

And CNN and others are foaming at the mouth with their Trump derangement syndrome, re-litigating Trump all over again , even though a final report has been issued from the Meuller report and they want more.

There is no more, because the attorney general, who they initially praised as being a straight arrow, is now being recommended for impeachment along with Trump. Nothing will satisfy them; they just want a headline and hope to stop the re-election of the president.

Despite being harassed for two years, the president has forged ahead with his agenda and done a better job than Obama, who asked the question. “How is Trump going to bring back business from overseas or create more jobs? Does he have a magic wand?”

Yes, that is an accurate quote.

When Obama said that, he was admitting that he was unable to do what Trump was promising. Trump then did it. So stop claiming that Obama began the fantastic recovery over eight years, but in reality was responsible for only 2 percent increase in GDP each year, and Trump has doubled that each year for two years.

And he created more jobs than there are people available to fill them, meaning we now have low, low unemployment.

William Pike

Lake Havasu City