Donate to more than 100 nonprofits Tuesday during WyoBraska Gives campaign

November 13, 2018

SCOTTSBLUFF — Western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming residents are well on their way to raising money for 104 nonprofits in the area.

WyoBraska GIVES is an Oregon Trail Community Foundation community giving event, which helps community organizations throughout the Panhandle. The single day event runs on Nov. 13, Anyone who has not yet donated can do so by visiting the official give day website at http://www.WyoBraskaGIVES.org.

There have been several thousand dollars in pre-scheduled donations and organizer Becky Horne is encouraging everyone to chip in. According to Horne, about 18 percent of the area’s population give 100 percent to many charities in town. Her goal is to reach the rest of the community. For as little as $10, Horne believes she can reach the majority of the population who may feel they are left out because they don’t have large amounts of money to donate.

Across the nation, nonprofit organizations are seeing a decline in participation for fundraisers and volunteers. In communities such as western Nebraska, these organizations compete with the same 15 percent of businesses and philanthropists for their funding needs. WyoBraska GIVES aims to reach the 85 percent who don’t normally have an opportunity to give. Armed with $10, anyone can give to this campaign.

“You can divide it up however you want to,” said Horne.

The system is relatively easy to use and is similar to an Amazon.com shopping cart, Horne said. Work behind the scenes will help create a seamless experience for users.

“We’ve been running through test transactions for three weeks,” Horne said. “We have a total plan set for contingencies if a server goes out.”

There are at least three backup servers and users should not experience any difficulties if something did happen.

In addition to the donation, visitors to WyoBraska GIVES can also participate in a silent auction. Items available include artwork and a hot air balloon ride.

Although Horne knew there may be some extra education required in the first year of the event, she has been pleasantly surprised by the results.

“Our nonprofits have taken a hold of it and have been informing their donor bases,” she said. “That’s a good indication of how it’s going.

Horne said anyone wishing to volunteer may still do so. They can help with logistic, such as picking up donation boxes, by contacting the OTCF.

“The biggest thing they can do is share as much information as possible on their Facebook page,” she said.

There will also be a WyoBraska GIVES celebration during happy hour, on Nov. 13 at the Flyover Brewing Company.

“It starts at 4 p.m., and ends at 8 p.m., but they have said they will stay however late we have people there,” Horne said. “Anyone who hasn’t seen the brewery yet, this will be a good night to see it.”

On-site donations can be made while also grabbing a meal and a drink. Fremont Motors has also donated door prizes and there will be a variety of giveaways for those in attendance. Flyover Brewing Company will also donate back 10 percent of their proceeds from the evening to the match incentive fund.

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