December 27, 2018
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GLEN LYON — A pair of Newport Twp. women are trying to reunite families with letters written home from servicemen and women during World War II. The letters were found years ago in scrapbooks in the balcony of Holy Spirit Parish on Market Street, previously known as St. Adalbert’s Church. During the war, members of the church sent parish bulletins, township newsletters, newspapers, letters and care packages to church members serving overseas. Many of the letters home were thank you notes to the church’s “Service Club.” “When I found a letter written by my own father and godfather, I started to weep,” Lorrie Materewicz, 64, said. “I decided if this is the reaction I am having, I have to get these letters to other families.” Materewicz and Sally Billings, of the Glen Lyon American Legion, have been working on the project for several years. Both are daughters of World War II veterans. Billings’ late husband also served in the war. The duo generated a lot of interest after publishing the names of the letter writers in the church bulletin and in the township newsletter. To date, about 316 pieces have been repatriated to 123 family members, But they still have letters from 141 people. Materewicz and Billings operate the project independently, though copies of all the letters will be preserved at the Legion. “We pay for it out of our own pockets because it’s a program that’s so important to us. It costs a small fortune in ink and paper, but the feedback we have gotten is the same as my reaction when I found my father’s letters,” Materewicz said. Billings, 58, who described herself as a World War II history buff, said it’s “a project after my heart.” She said there’s likely people in the area, and those who moved away, that would want to claim their loved one’s letters. “Right now, the only people who know about this are in Newport,” Billings said. “We just want to get them back to where they should be. We have worn out all we could do here.” Contact the writer: bkalinowski@citizensvoice.com 570-821-2055, @cvbobkal Family of World War II veterans who wrote letters to St. Adalbert’s Church in Glen Lyon could claim the letters by contacting Lorrie Materewicz at 570-736-7177. Robert Babskie August Bellini Walter Benkoski Michael Bolek Edward Bozimski Sylvester Bozinski Henry Brocki John Brozoski Walter Brutski Walter Bukoski Albert Bush Albert Butka Edward Butkiewicz Max Cheski Albert Chmielak Henry Chmielewski Casmir Dekutoski Gerard Dombroski Sygfried Dombroski Joseph Drozdienski Frank Dudzinski Walter Dudzinski Leonard Fundalewicz Stanley Gembusia Quinto Gionta Walter Gorney Emory Guffrowicz Frank Himilefski Albert Humphrey Frank Kaczmarek Stanley Kaftanowicz Frank Kamieniecki Norbert Kane Joseph Karcheski Joseph Kasnikowski Anthony Keyeck Stanley Keyek Walter Keyeck Edward Kleyps Adolph Koas Celia Kolakoski Leonard Kornoski Joseph Koval Albert Kovaleski Steven Kovaleski John Kowalski Clarence Kowaleski Leonard Krauser Albert Kriefski Eugene Kriefski Sylvester Kriefski John Krzywicki Ted Kwiatkowski Joseph Lashinski Joseph Laskowski Julius Leshniak Josephine Levulis J.A. Lucas Albert Maxey Joseph Meshinski Margaret Meyeski Chester Miara Clem Mundgetski Edward Myefski Edward Namowicz John Namowicz Edward Nork Alfred Noss Alvin Novak Barney Novak John Novak Ernest Novak Chester Obidzinski Henry Olenginski Chester Omichinski Ted Omichinski Edward Ozechowski Edmund Pawloski Joseph Pawloski Edmund Petchik Leo Petchik George Piavis Walter Piavis Chester Pish John Pish John Rachunas Frank Rachunas Walter Rasmus Wadic Reno Walter Ringawa Fred Robachinski Stanley Robachinski Edmund Rokicki Chester Rule Thomas Ruminski Stanley Russin Jean Sawetski Raymond Schraeder Clemence Scott Zigmund Shekletski Clemence Shemanski Walter Shemanski Clem Skouronski Joseph Slupecki Edmund Smocarski John Sobolewski Stanley Stankiewicz Stanley Stopchinski Ted Stopchinski Chester Strzalka Frank Strzalka Joseph Strzalka John Stuczynski Joseph Stuczynski Paul Sugalski Joseph Supko Stanley Sweeney John Talanowski Edward Tarnowicz Ray Terkoski Sylvester Terkoski Joseph Tokarchik Joseph Trynoski Adam Venslove John Vinicki John Voytkowski Clem Waclawski Zigmund Waclawski Frank Wintergrass Eugene Wrona John Wuchek Edward Wyda John Yacuboski Stanley Yacuboski Clem Zakrzewski Mitchell Zaucha Louis Zawacki Chester Zawala Edward Zawala Edward Zawatski Eugene Zawatski

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