Robert Hively-Johnson: The Cratchits and Harbor Lady are missing

November 24, 2018

Robert Hively-Johnson

Bob Cratchit loved everyone; he joyously shouldered crippled Tim. You know, good Bob’s cheery, youngest child. Tiny Tim: “God bless us, every one!” (Charles Dickens)

Emma Lazarus wrote, “... Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free ...”

Her ideals adorn our “Lady of the Harbor” (Statue of Liberty); the once-strong shoulder for world-hope.

So many perished for the ideals America once fiercely honored. We’re all indebted.

But, Ebenezer “Himself” dismisses it all. His selfishness bares the hypocritical wall-wanting peals of shifty Evangelical believers, whose switch-hitting mocks “Peace on Earth.”

Befriending bigots, molesters and liars is deed-defined, not faked. What selfish isolation approaches Cratchit’s goodness?

Christians, are your zero-sum “dislikes” “the way?” Guess not.

The Cratchits and Liberty are missing.

Imagine: A pontificating selfish, Trump-type embracing racially intimidating beliefs and politics. You’d hangout with; vote for; or simply avoid?

The truth (so scary for some) is that our shaky alabaster village is becoming more diverse. The old rules/beliefs are evolving.

Deny as “fake,” as selfish dodgers do often; but, also prepare to beg — just as today’s hopeful huddled masses seek us for better.

Some harangue, “x-x-x are liberal lies! Those yearning, huddled masses are fake!”

Is that so?

Let’s call “bullroar” on lies, and the demonstrably fascist alt-right religious elites who game us — then blame us!

What’s it gonna be, boy-o?

Taxes, to wall-off the “Harbor Lady,” and jail the Cratchits — along with America’s once-virile, hope-filled spirit we spout?

OK. You being the Christian dodger, you say you are. When “clubbing” or church, next to the above-noted people who you would never invite home, gonna celebrate? What? Together?

You gonna share “sumptuous” MREs in a cage, missing Mom, Dad or are worried about your children — or what’s next?

What’s to celebrate? Killing, hopelessness; harmful lies and spin?

“Never again.” A simple declaration that opposes mob doings. So, why the hypocrite “Marley gambits?”

Just as “Indian Summers,” are a fleeting touch of warm, is charity (love) now a tactical political PC-show; another convenient, tactical phoniness?

What about shouldering the Cratchit’s hope by looking out for others — always?

Perhaps past, easy-going, pre-PC “Indian Summers” allowed us to tend hazy, smoky dreams of our future?

If so, those idles (dreams) certainly didn’t pan-out, did they?

Now we foist myriad vengeful “like and dislike” taxonomies upon each other.

Some attempt to combat our “bronzing” village landscape, but our “snow-white” patina is tarnished and flaking!

We tolerate hypocrite religious/political dodgers, who flog believers with lies expecting truth (somehow) to be shunned, “spun,” like an ignorant Scrooge-POTUS contradictory rants and hateful “dislikes?”

This awkward, awful shunning harms all Earth.

America’s once strong shoulder has softened — supporting baseless selfishness.

If America’s charitable spirit has become the sounding brass of selfish, tinkling “dislikes and “charity” has been lost, then our hope-filled “spirit” is humbugged and the “huddled masses” might never find safe shores.

Seems Bob Cratchit, his youngest, son Tiny Tim, and our Harbor Lady Liberty are missing!

Please, find ‘em! We need ’em so!

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