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Judge: Prince’s ‘U Got The Look’ Doesn’t Look Like Half Sister’s Song

May 3, 1988

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against rock star Prince by his half sister who alleged he used her lyrics in violation of copyright laws.

The song by Lorna Nelson, ″What’s Cooking in This Book,″ was not substantially similar to Prince’s song, ″U Got the Look,″ said U.S. District Judge David Doty.

″I don’t believe it,″ Nelson said about the judge’s order, which was filed Thursday. ″We (Nelson and her lawyer) never did think the judge understood it. We’re going to appeal.″

The lawsuit, filed in August, also sought an accounting from their father, John L. Nelson, for money he received from Prince for use of lyrics he allegedly wrote with Ms. Nelson.

Doty said that claim falls under state, not federal, law.

The two songs are not identical, but Ms. Nelson’s suit said recurring expressions in her song ″take another look″ and ″cooking in this book″ were used in Prince’s song, which was recorded with singer Sheena Easton.

The lawsuit claimed that Duane Nelson, Lorna’s brother and Prince’s half- brother, had inspected lyrics she had written, and delivered the lyrics to Prince and his company, PRN Productions Inc., in the Minneapolis suburb of Chanhassen where Prince lives.

Doty’s order said the defendants conceded a proper copyright and access to the lyrics.

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