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On the Light Side

October 22, 1987

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ As any fan of NBC-TV’s detective series ″Private Eye″ could tell you, the show is set in 1956, in Los Angeles. So how come the hero drives a 1957 Caddy?

″It’s called creative license,″ said NBC spokesman Rob Maynor. ″Jack Cleary, (the main character) drives a 1957 Cadillac because the show’s producer feels it looks better than the 1956 model.″

Then there’s the period music that throbs in the background of every episode. It’s years ahead of its time.

″I love the show, it’s beautifully done,″ said Brian Beirne, a record collector and disc jockey for LA’s KRTH-FM. ″But since it started I have noticed they have played songs like ‘Rumble’ by Link Wray; that came out in the spring of 1958.″

Other anachronistic songs Beirne noticed were ″High School Confidential,″ released in April 1958; ″April Love″ by Pat Boone, a 1957 song; and Bobby Day’s ″Rockin’ Robin‴ from 1958.

″From the pilot on, they have been saying the show was set in 1956. They probably should just move it up to 1958, and they would have two good years of rock to choose from,″ Beirne said Wednesday.


ROCKFORD, Mich. (AP) - Cops called to crack a cookie caper foiled a masked bandit.

Everett Plambeck says he discovered a raccoon dining in his kitchen about 5 a.m. Wednesday. ″He was on the counter, there in the corner of the kitchen, sitting and eating at the cookie jar,″ said Plambeck, 70.

He called police, and Sgt. Alan Engstrom of the state police post here later reported that ″The raccoon had come down the guy’s chimney, opened the damper to the fireplace some way, then opened the fireplace screen and, finally, the glass doors to get into the house.″

Engstrom turned the case over to a police officer, who went to the home and chased the creature away with a broom.

″The raccoon was hissing all the way,″ Plambeck said. ″Either it was really scared or maybe it didn’t want to leave the chocolate chip cookies.″


GILROY, Calif. (AP) - Instead of being cleaned out, a Gilroy man’s house was cleaned up by a mysterious housekeeper who broke in, made his bed, took out the trash, washed his dishes and gathered up his dirty clothes.

The unidentified victim, who told police he is sure last week’s incident was not a practical joke, found a note saying: ″Dear Sir, I hope you don’t mind. I cleaned your house. Don’t worry. I won’t take anything because my father is a Duke in Spain. Don’t worry. I’ll clean your house for as long as you live here.″

The note was signed, ″Prince Eddie.″

Gilroy police commander Vern Garnder said his department is trying to uncover the mysterious housekeeper.

Besides the cleanup, the person left the front door ajar after replacing the man’s old drapes with new ones.

″We’re not exactly sure what we could charge him with,″ said Gardner, adding, ″It’s too bad he didn’t break into my house.″

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