Sprinkles, hearts and frosting: Oh my!

February 14, 2019

This past Friday, Heather Dmitrasz hosted a cookie decorating class at the Recreation Station in Bradley, called Cupid Loves Cookies. And who could blame him? What’s not to love?

“I like getting out of the bakery and being in a different element,” said Dmitrasz. “I like being around children, so that’s always fun to see what they can come up with. I’m also looking to expanding it to cupcake decorating.”

“I’ve done this a few times, and the kids had a blast,” Dmitrasz said.

One kid in particular was 7-year-old Brayden Stroner, who constructed a leaning, multi-colored tower of frosting to one of his sugar cookies. “I eat a lot of cookies at home,” said Stroner, of Bradley.

“I’m not sharing mine,” Stroner said when Dmitrasz asked the group if they’d share their creations with family at home. The remaining kids in the group had the opposite response.

For this workshop, Dmitrasz supplied more than 100 sugar cookies and multiple colors of buttercream icing for decorating, as opposed to using a royal icing, which is for more precise decorating.

“Baking in large quantities doesn’t scare me,” said Dmitrasz. “There’s a lot of prepping that goes into it.”

Dmitrasz prepped everything for the workshop at her bakery, Heather’s Custom Cakes, 970 W. Broadway St., Bradley. There, she bakes cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes and serves them to the public through the building’s drive-thru.

When you order from the drive-thru, anything frosted is iced right there on the spot, so you’re presented with a nice, soft frosting on top of your dessert.

These types of workshops have been picking up for Dmitrasz.

“We sell out pretty quickly,” she said. “It’s something different, and a lot of places don’t offer that in this town, especially with adults. I think they’re kind of sick of the paint parties that have been going for years.”

“I like your technique,” said Dmitrasz to 10-year-old Jayden Vaughn, of Bourbonnais. Jayden carefully decorated her sugar cookies with squiggly, pastel-colored lines.

“I took this workshop because I wanted to do different things and meet new people,” Jayden said.

Emician Johnson Jr., 7, of Bourbonnais, decorated his sugar cookies with purple frosting and dark purple sprinkles, for his mom Naima, whose favorite color is purple.

The group of kids got to take all of their decorated cookies home. Sharing was optional.