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2 brides-to-be in Romania scrap over lace bridal gown

January 23, 2015

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Slashed-price bridal gowns brought wedding organizers in Romania more than they bargained for.

Two brides-to-be scrapped over a lavish dress Friday, tugging on the delicate lace and yelling at each other at a wedding fair held at the Palace of the Parliament, a giant building that itself looks like a Stalinist wedding cake.

The gown was ripped by the two young women each determined to claim the cut-price off-white concoction.

An organizer said a guard was called to resolve the spat and the women were ushered out of the fair.

Spokeswoman Dora Patrascu told The Associated Press the dress was “totally ripped,” and the two women were banned from the fair.

As for the dress, organizers are writing it off.

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